If you are reading this, it probably means that you have unpacked all of
Ariadne into the webroot. For security reasons, Ariadne should be installed
outside of the webroot instead. The 'www' directory is the only part of
Ariadne that should be installed in the webroot. You can name this directory
to something more appropriate, for instance 'ariadne'.

Welcome to Ariadne!

To start the installation, please follow these steps:

- create a database for Ariadne to be installed in

- copy the www directory to your webroot and give it a suitable name, eg

- copy the file 'ariadne.inc-unix' or 'ariadne.inc-win' in your ariadne 
www directory to 'ariadne.inc'. Choose the correct version depending on 
your server operating system.

- edit ariadne.inc, and point $ariadne to the path of the lib directory, eg.
/usr/local/ariadne/lib or /home/youruser/ariadne/lib

- give write grants for the user your webserver runs as, typically www-data 
in unix systems, to ariadne/lib/configs/ariadne.phtml

- give write grants for www-data to ariadne/files/ and its subdirectories.

- give write grants for www-data to the ariadne/lib/configs/svn/ directory 
if you want to enable support for the Subversion versioning system (SVN). 

- remove the .htaccess file from the ariadne/www/install/ folder temporarily. 
You must either restore it after installation or remove the entire install 
directory when you are done.

- point your webbrowser to http://yourhost/ariadne/install/ to start 

After a succesful installation:

- remove the www/install folder or restore the .htaccess file.

- schedule the cleanup script in the bin folder to remove unused files and 
session data. In unix systems you can use the crontab tool for this.

- remove write access to lib/configs/ariadne.phtml for www-data.

Enjoy Ariadne!